Glass Eye Video Presents: Christy & Tom's Wedding, Super8 Format
March 6, 2009
By: eddye

TM Photography

When capturing your very special day, wedding filmmakers have many tools in their proverbial shed! One of the increasingly popular formats right now is what's known as a Super8 style. Here's what Steve from Glass Eye Video had to say on his blog recently ...

I’ve been so excited to make this post and announce that we have entered the world of Super 8 film! This has been a long time coming as I wanted to make sure I chose the right equipment and processing lab to handle my productions. After being inspired by the giants of the industry, I knew this was something I had to get into as well. The look, the feel, the raw emotion that is pulled from the film is something that simply cannot be imitated and is truly breathtaking. I filmed my first wedding a couple weeks ago and the bride was completely blown away by it.

Christy & Tom's Super 8 Wedding Teaser By Steve Zugelter

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More from Steve at Glass Eye Video ... "Without a doubt, one of the greatest weddings I’ve had the honor of being a part of was Christy and Tom’s. St. Xavier Church was just the beginning that night. The reception at Music Hall was incredibly unique and insanely gorgeous, thanks to Brigid Horne-Nestor of i-do! Weddings and Events! Not one, but TWO live bands kept the guests entertained throughout the evening, including my favorite local band, The Rusty Griswolds. I’ve never seen a dance floor come alive like the one that night, it was AMAZING! I had the great pleasure of working along side Tine Hofmann, who was there snapping beautiful pictures one after the other! This was the first wedding I filmed in Super 8 and it was the perfect wedding to cover in this beautiful medium. It's truly amazing how the film brings a whole new life to the images in a way that simply cannot be achieved with any other medium. I had the film processed in widescreen format to give it a modern twist and to help it flow with the HD footage that I shot that day as well. I hope you enjoy their teaser! The song is ‘Love and Some Verses’ by Iron & Wine."

We, too hope you enjoyed the clip from Christy and Tom's wedding. For more examples of Steve's work, check out his website and blog.

A huge thanks to Little Black Book member, Tine Hofmann at TM Photography for providing the very lovely photos!