Real Wedding: Jennifer and Christian VIII
February 27, 2009

The details from today's featured wedding are what really sing. The bride was so incredibly thoughtful with her favors...capturing the essense of the natural surroundings with small jars of Spanish Paprika, paired with her own passion for letterpressed stationery. There is a sense of cohesiveness with each and every element and yet nothing seems overly matched or designed. I love that.

yvonne wong real wedding

photos by Yvonne Wong

Here are the details from the bride, Jennifer...

I am fortunate to have my own letterpress studio, so I letterpressed everything and anything I could. The hardest part was deciding on a design. Favors included a glass vial of Spanish Paprika that doubled as a placecard holder in addition to letterpressed stationery personalized with each guest's name.

Welcome baskets included travel/information packets (filled with contact info, wedding venue, directions, local sights, restaurant recommendations - all letterpressed, of course), wine, toiletries, Spanish playing cards, first aid kit, Evian Facial Spray, detergent for the washing machines and leather luggage tags.

Since we arranged lodging for our guests, everyone also received a packet in the mail in advance of flying to Spain - a letterpressed card and map with the apartment address to show the cab driver at the airport in case language was an issue. We also sent postcards from Spain to each of our guests (so they would receive them upon their return), thanking them for making the long haul to Europe on our behalf. (Some only took 4 days to arrive!)

* * *

To have your own letterpress studio is pretty unique and definitely shaved a pretty penny off the overall cost. With that said, you can achieve a really similar feel, using nice card stock and your home computer/printer. If you aren't design-savvy, enlist the help of a friend who is, to help you create a wedding brand of sorts that you can weave into different, unexpected elements.

Here are Jennifer's sources some of the products that she used...the glass vials were found at Specialty Bottle, the Table Runner was found at Target for $9.99 though is no longer available (they do have some cute designs though) and the blue stationery boxes were found at US Box.