Real Wedding: Jennifer and Christian, VII
February 27, 2009

We heart today's wedding so much, we're putting up more posts than we ever have on any featured wedding. It's just such a refreshing style with a light, airy blue and bright orange color palette, a bride that is simply stunning and an effortless elegance that just makes me happy. Plus, the whole wedding was pulled off for $10,000 making it even sweeter.

yvonne wong real wedding

all photographs by the incredibly talented Yvonne Wong

From the lovely bride, Jennifer...

I prepped most things Stateside. Being on a tight budget, I tried to make as much as I could and bought most of the materials for favors and welcome baskets here and lugged everything through customs with fingers crossed. (One friend joked, "it looks like you're taking bomb-making material overseas - good luck with that.") Truth be told, I did have to hit up the Barcelona IKEA and the bodega across the street from our lodgings for a few things that wouldn't travel well (many bottles of wine, baskets, glasses, candles, etc).

Much credit actually goes to my mom who did all the flowers including my bouquet. That's part of how we saved a bundle (a total of 200 euros at the flower market). The morning of the wedding was crazy...trying to pick out flowers and ask lots of questions in quasi-Spanish which none of us speak ("Donde?"). But, in the end, it's really one of the main reasons we were able to stay on our budget.

More to come!