Gorgeous Gourmet Wedding Cakes From The Frosted Pumpkin
February 26, 2009
By: eddye

Jeff and Karyn Schwerzler sent us some of their newest cake designs and we had to share! These are just a few of the unbelievably artistic wedding cake creations that they specialize in at The Frosted Pumpkin Gourmet, located near Atlanta. Whether you're planning your own Atlanta area wedding (or other special event!) ... or you're just looking for that perfect photo for your inspiration board, definitely take a look at more of their designs on their website.

Frosted Pumpkin: Wedding Cakes February Feature

I think my personal favorite is the orange one (top, left). But honestly, I love them all! Be sure and take a look at The Frosted Pumpkin Gourmet. {I hear they specialize in gingerbread creations ... mmmm}