Real Wedding by Jen Fariello
February 23, 2009

Okay, so today has been one of those days. I am sure that a ton of you saw the absolutely fabulous wedding that we featured earlier today...well, it's potentially being published by a major magazine, something we didn't know when we received it. So, the bride has asked us to take it down. Lucky for us, I've found an absolutely gorgeous replacement wedding.

In all fairness, this wedding should get it's own day on SMP. It's just so incredibly charming...

real wedding

The absolutely wonderful Jen Fariello sent us today's affair, which took place in Jefferson National Forest in Virginia. The bride and her sister (who designs vintage handbags) made everything and just wait until you see how fab it all turned out. Jen thought it was such an inspired wedding for those who can't spent tens of thousands of dollars but still want something special. We agree.