Real Wedding: Nancy of Brideface, I
February 19, 2009

I love when vendors from our Little Black Book send me pictures from their own wedding. Having worked in the industry and seen hundreds of the most gorgeous affairs, there is just something easy and beautiful about a vendor's wedding. And this one, by the wonderfully talented Nancy of Brideface in Cincinnati, didn't disappoint!

brideface real wedding

Relaxed and utterly elegant with chic happiness tucked into every detail...from the sunny, but fabulous flowers to the touch of muted teal in her cashmere cardi. Love, love, love.

From Nancy...

It was a small, casual gathering at my parents' home which has a great woodsy setting. We had a very short time frame(about three months!) in which to plan so I relied on my friend Alison Wenstrup of Aviva events;  to help me cope with wedding stuff in the middle of what was a very busy part of wedding season for my own business. I of course am very fortunate to call some of  the city's top vendors my friends, so I did have a home court advantage! My vision was to have a groovy dinner party that just happened to have a wedding at the beginning of it; no wedding cake, no d.j.,no "forced" toasts, no garter or bouquet toss.

Nancy recruited three other Little Black Book members to help her pull this incredible party together including the talent behind the photographs above TM Photography, the fabulous team at The Bridal Studio and the ridiculously lovely flowers by Courtenay Lambert.