Real Wedding: Fairytales Do Come True, It Can Happen To You ...
February 19, 2009
By: eddye
Mid Atlantic

There are oh-so-many wedding day moments that will live on in your memories forever. What do you want your friends and family to remember the most about this day? What, from this day, will bring tears to your eyes for the rest of your life? Surely the moment you first see each other. Surely your vows. And surely, the love and passion of the celebration to follow. Putting this all together can be a daunting task. Lucky for us that there are some pretty amazing people who have made it their life's passion to help us create those oh-so-precious moments that will last a lifetime.

Two of the finest wedding professionals and truly talented women in Philadelphia are Kendall Brown and Donna O'Brien. Together they create the most amazing, modern-day fairytales ... just wait and see for yourself!

Eclatante, Beautiful Blooms, Philadelphia Fairytale

But wait ... I digress ... We must first visit the bride in her suite to see an awesome transformation of one lovely gown into an entirely new gown, in a matter of minutes . Watch this sequence ...left to right, row by row.

Voila'. Simply perfect.

Bridal Portrait Roseann Eclatante Philadelphia

photography by Marie Labbancz

So much more of Roseann and Paal's wedding from Eclatante and Beautiful Blooms to come ...