Real Wedding: Deirdre and Jay, II
February 12, 2009
New England

Dierde and Jay's completely beautiful wedding was sent to us by Adeline & Grace of our favorite Little Black Book members. Their eye for simple, lovely shots seem to be a constant in everything that they send our way. Whether they are shooting hopelessly romantic black and whites or crystal clear, vibrant photographs, every image is flawless.

So, when they sent us today's featured wedding, we of course...swooned.

adeline and grace photography real wedding

From the gorgeous bride...

The whole reason why Jay and I got married on Elihu (in Stonington, CT) was because it was on the sound. We found out on our first date that the town Jay grew up in, in Ct, was exactly across the LI sound from the town where my family was from and where we spent all of my childhood summers (up until just a few years ago).  The first time I went to Jay's apartment he had a map of the sound up on his wall and we looked and saw just how close we had been to each other all those years growing up,  swimming in the same water every summer.

The absolutely lovely flowers (that will get even more gorgeous as the day progresses) were all designed by another of our favorite Little Black Book members, Hanna Floral Design. And the coordinator, who did a brilliant job with all of the many details, was Lucinda Wesson.

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