Real Wedding: Irene and Joe, V
February 6, 2009
United States

What I really think is great about today's featured wedding, is that the couple seemed to capture the Island style so beautifully...they brought vibrant colors, exotic flowers and a general sense of laid back elegance to the affair, all without seeming contrived or overdone. They found inspiration in their surroundings, then infused it with their own personalities and styles. It's how everyone should approach a wedding...


photographs by Rachel Robertson

It was one of our favorite Little Black Book members, cakelava, who sent us this wedding and if you haven't already seen their ridiculously gorgeous designs, you absolutely HAVE to check out their site. Their cakes are one part total chic, one part fun, whimsy. Most of them are unbelievably creative and are built using the Island as their inspiration. Definitely a must-have!

More to come!

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