Blogger Favorite: Junebug Weddings
February 4, 2009
Junebug Weddings has been a favorite blog of mine from the beginning. As photographers, the girls at Junebug are totally in tune with beautiful things and I am forever inspired by their features. Here is the first of two Junebug's picks for their favorite wedding...

junebug weddings

So, so lovely. That cake alone is enough to make me jump for joy. Here is what the girls had to say about the Junebug style...

Each of us at Junebug Weddings have slightly different personal styles; Blair’s is rich, classic, elegant and refined, Kim’s is clean, feminine, and romantic with a love of anything French, and mine is a little more off-kilter, combining sweet and delicate details with strong shapes and a little drama. But the magic of our team is, they all fit perfectly together to create the Junebug aesthetic, which is all about individuality, creativity and expressing your own personal wedding style. We love to help couples find ways to incorporate the looks they love into their wedding planning and come up with something that’s totally unique.

So cute. This next bride was actually the sister of the bride in the first wedding! Each different and unique and yet similar in their unabashed sense of style and personality.

junebug weddings

To see the first wedding in its entirety, click here and here. To see the second wedding, click here and here. Thanks so much to the cute girls at Junebug Weddings for sharing and to La Vie Photography for capturing such gorgeous images!!