Real Wedding: Kelly and Christopher, III
February 2, 2009

I am just loving today's featured wedding...mostly because of the quiet elegance that the couple exudes. But, also because of the wonderfully touching details that they brought into their decor. The photographs were all sent to us by Kitty and Craig of Twin lens...a hugely talented husband and wife team out of New Mexico.

twin lens

From the bride...

I asked Christopher’s mom and sisters to make him a Yodel cake for his groom’s cake.  Not exactly organic, but definitely personal, his mother used to make him a Yodel cake every year for his birthday so he was so surprised when he saw it and loved that his family had made it for him.  The Yodels proved to be difficult as they are only sold on the east coast.  It’s basically a Ho-Ho but Christopher is a Yodel purist so I knew if we were going to do it, we had to do it right.  I ran around New York buying up boxes of Yodels to hide in my luggage for weeks before the wedding. 

Another important family element was wearing the 50 year old garter that Christopher’s mom gave me.  She and her daughters wore it at their weddings.  Christopher’s parents were both dancers in the New York City Ballet as well and the garter has been worn by dozens of ballerinas in their weddings since the 1950s.

Our band was close to home as well as it is the Texas blues band that my mother’s boyfriend plays with.  As we have lots of performers in our family and group of friends, many people sat in with the band to play a set or two.  I even got up to sing at one point with friends.  Christopher surprised me with a trumpet serenade of “It Had To Be You”. 

Another surprise was the two dimensional arrival of 2 of our best friends who were 8 months pregnant and living in Hong Kong during our wedding.  They sent along a life-size cutout of themselves toasting our wedding.  My maid of honor brought them out with her during her toast.  They hung around all night and wound up in more pictures than any other guest.

More to come!