Abby's Summer Wedding in Boston, III
January 30, 2009
By: eddye
New England

Old South Church Boston Wedding

Abby and Tait were married in August 2005 at the magnificent Old South Church in Boston. I love the expression on Tait's face as he sees Abby walking toward him. I've seen him look at her like this many times since then, but this time ... was the best.

The majority of Abby and Tait's family live in Massachusetts.  An August wedding in her home town, Houston, would have been out of the question. Everyone in Massachusetts assured us that by the end of August, it would definitely have started cooling off. An unairconditioned church would be no problem ... wrong.  This beautiful church was so hot.

Abby's Ceremony Old South Church Boston

Abby had several special touches during her wedding. Her cousin read a love poem written by her aunt who had passed away from breast cancer. A dear friend of hers sang the "Irish Wedding Song"... that brought us all to tears. Abby allowed me to select most of the music, because classical music was such a huge part of my memories of her grandfather. But probably the most special thing that she did was to present me with a lace handkerchief to carry, that was made from the lace on her gown... she's quite a girl!

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