Inspiration Board, XXVI
January 27, 2009

Our next fabulous entry is by Mina...

shabby chic inspiration board

keep calm carry on flickr, chandelier on, bike on, radishes on flickr, girl on Art-Dept, sprinkle’s cupcake via Ritzy Bee, Calligraphy by Betsy Dunlap, Feather by Rebecca Thuss, Playing Card Seating Card by Jennifer Causey, Carnation Bouquet by Samm Blake.

Here are some thoughts from Mina...

Cupcake- I love the simple cupcakes like these ones which are simple to make and affordable. In addition, it is cute to make simple vanilla cupcake and put a little raspberry on top. In addition, you can think about other things like raspberry jam, tarts, and sorbet. Alternatively, with white wine you can put a little raspberry cube for flavor.

The card (setting) - It is easy to make for all you need are a stack of cards and labels. Also, pin it to a wooden white washboard.

Girl in White Dress- So whimsical and beautiful dress. Also I love the rosette around her head

Kissing Tree- I thought this was really whimsical and charming. If there is a big tree, just put a sign on it and it can be a perfect place to that pictures.

Bicycles- Romantic and chic. It is like a scene from a romantic movie. All you need is to tie some flowers onto a bike and add a sign. Absolute perfection

Keep Calm and Carry on- a beautiful simple piece of work. I changed the color so it would match. It can be a neat guest gift. Just put it in a simple white frame and tie a gorgeous bow.

Radishes- I just added this because of the gorgeous color scheme

Calligraphy- Something every wedding could have. It is piece of art. I love it on a raspberry tone paper with white ink.

Carnations Bouquet- Really inexpensive flower but together looks marvelous with a simple white sash. Your bridesmaid can hold possibly a white bouquet of carnations. Other flowers that are wonderful during this time of season and in this shade of colors are anemone, dahlia, spray roses, and roses.

Feather- Really whimsical and I love the French label on it, it looks so fancy. Just add one into a beautiful glass vase with some raspberry carnations and it is a great place setting. Or one under a napkin can be a perfect for people to find their names.

A woman in Pink Dress- It looks so retro yet so modern and classic. I think ruffles are so pretty! I love the simple makeup, white pearl earrings, and classic dress. Pick out some cute shoes to match too. For your bridesmaid, you can allow them to pick a range of tones from raspberry pink to pastel pink.

The maze- I look it because it is so clean cut and sophisticated

The main picture- It may look to trendy however it is quite simple design. I love the simple white/gray dress under the pile of beautiful raspberry rosettes. In addition, I love the balloons, which are inexpensive and can light up a wedding. I really like the big balloons that can be tied each table.