Fast Forward To The Honeymoon From J.Cogliandro Photography
January 24, 2009
By: eddye
United States

We've had fun gathering advice and great photos from some of our Little Black Book Photographers and their favorite E*shoots. If you're newly engaged or have been on the fence about the decision to do them-- or not to do them ... be sure and read the posts (here) (here) (here).

And if you haven't already voted for your favorite Wedding Logo from Betsywhite Stationery Boutique, you just have today and tomorrow. Winner will be announced on Monday.

But now we're going to fast-forward to another so-cool photo op ... a honeymoon shoot! How great would that be!

Joe Cogliandro, another of our amazing Little Black Book photographers asked us if we'd be interested in the idea ... and we jumped at the chance. His photos are to die for!

We present: Lily and Mike's Hawaiian Honeymoon Shoot ... look carefully (they're in all of the photos).

Honeymoon Hawaii Joe Cogliandro

Honeymoon Photography Joe Cogliandro Hawaii

Honeymoon Hawaii Fine Art Photography Joe Cogliandro

These photographs are sooooooo lovely...........

Lily Joe Cogliandro Photography Hawaii

On Joe's blog, he said that these "for him" shots gives the groom a chance (if he wants) for some hands-on help posing "her" as he would like :)

"for him" honeymoon poses Joe Cogliandro Photography Hawaii


A bit about J. Cogliandro Photography ... Joe is based in Houston but is an avid destination photographer.  It was while studying overseas, that his love for people and culture developed. His creative vision results in images that powerfully capture the genuine emotion and excitement of the wedding day. His comfortable and unstressed manner allows for people to feel relaxed and real, drawing out the character and personality of those he is photographing.  On his website he says that before you think you can't afford him, give him a call!

If I had another wedding to plan ... I know I would!