Real Wedding: Ashley and Chris, VIII
January 20, 2009
United States
Weddings in Wineries

Thank you so much to Ashley and Chris for sharing their big day with us...needless to say, it was absolutely spectacular. Knowing that you designed and crafted so many (or rather all) of the details yourself is well, inspiring. And thank you to April Smith for capturing the wedding in all its beauty...allowing us to see the outpouring of love and laughter behind every shot.

april smith vineyard wedding

A few last words from Ashley, the lovely bride...

So, aside from the special things that happened in our ceremony, I think what made our wedding special was the love.  We had so much love on that day. Not just between Chris and I, but with our families and with our friends.  You can see it and feel it in our pictures.  Everyone worked so hard to put together this wedding.  My mom and her girlfriends with their master creative minds and their abilties to execute everything to a T, the bridesmaids wrapping ribbons around their bouquets before the ceremony.  Everyone came together to help and to celebrate our marriage and it made Chris and I feel so loved and so honored to have family and friends like we do.  It honestly felt magical and the only regret I have is that the night had to end!

I have way more photos than I actually put on the blog, so if there is anything that you'd like to see more of, let me know and I'll get them up tomorrow!