Real Wedding: Ashley and Chris, V
January 20, 2009
United States
Weddings in Wineries

When I first saw today's featured wedding, I knew that I would get it up on Style Me Pretty for all of you to fall in love with. What I didn't know, was how intimate and completely focused on love, on friends and on family the affair actually was.

april smith vineyard wedding

photographs by April Smith

Every detail was thought of, every inch of this wedding was lovingly designed. And, there were a few surprises that even the bride didn't know about!

From Ashley...

Also, my Aunt and my cousin (who was one of my bridesmaids) surprised us both by having a butterfly release.  They released 4 butterflies, each representing someone very special to either Chris or myself.  This was really meaningful to us.  Especially in my family, the butterfly has long symbolized my grandmother who passed from cancer.  The butterfly has since come to also symbolize my grandfather and a dear family friend who I considered my "dad" who both also passed from cancer.  I didn't see it, but I was told that a couple of the butterflies landed on my veil and dress and just hung out there for a while.

More to come!