Real Wedding: Martha and Michael, VI
January 19, 2009

Here is a last look at today's the sun goes down and the reception begins. Thank you so much to Michelle and to Lisa at Ooh Events for sharing this wedding with us. For me, it was a lesson in editing. Finding just the right pieces to create a sophisticated, Southern style without seeming at all contrived or over designed.

ooh events

all photographs by Marni Rothschild Pictures

Creating little seating areas might seem way out of your budget, but this is one of those times where you really figure out what you want from your wedding and splurge. For example, you can create an ambiance that guests will always remember with seating areas like these, serving heavy appetizers that trim the budget and hiring a DJ to play as opposed to a band. Skip the favors and open bar, opting instead for a signature cocktail that tell guests a little about yourselves.

Bottom line...there is usually a way to create high style on a budget, you just have to know how to edit your "loves" a little bit.

* * *

PS - We're FINALLY announcing the Paloma's Nest Giveaway winner next, so stay tuned!