Wedding Invitation Trends by Ceci New York
January 16, 2009

It's time for our monthly guest blog by contributing editor Lisa Hoffman of Ceci New York! When I visited Lisa in New York a couple of months ago, I fell head over heels for her newest line of laser cut invitations. I've honestly never seen anything like them...they are incredibly tactile, begging you to feel their intricate designs and their exquisite patterns. So, I am thrilled that Lisa is talking about this new trend today on SMP!

* * *

For me, great invitation design begins with great execution. Experimenting with new printing techniques is what I am known for and love. I am always a fan of pushing the envelope and one of my newest trends in invitation design is laser cutting. Think beyond the standard letterpress, engraved or flat printing. Laser allows for a new sense of three-dimensionality and for a reveal.  It also adds a very new sense of unexpected luxury. I love to play with the transition as a guest opens the invite and give them the wow factor that will get them immediately picking up the phone raving about how this is the most incredible invitation they've ever received.

This invitation is all about Old World Hollywood Glamour - Chandeliers and Damask. Accents of deep blood red were added throughout for the a bit of color impact and variation. It also tied in her bridesmaid dresses and floral decor. The outer envelope came in red with silver calligraphy with matching custom designed stamps.

lisa hoffman

When guests opened their invitation the first thing they saw was the damask print that was laser cut to create a reveal technique with the paper. The invite slide out the top to present a french quote that was significant to the bride. As you know, I love to do modern interpretations of monograms. The logo I made for her presented the two J's of their first initials surrounded by decorative damask in a unique die cut shape.  The last image is a close up of the french quote on the back of her invite. I blind embossed it on for a gorgeous tactile look. "On ne voit bien qu'avec le couer" roughly meaning "We only see clearly with our hearts."

lisa hoffman

Below is some close ups of the rsvp. You can see the incorporation of the chandeliers on each of the cards. I love to mix and match printing techniques, paper types and ink colors. Keeps the experience interesting and always impressive.

lisa hoffman

More from Lisa coming up in a bit! And just wait until you see the next laser cut just might be my all time favorite from Lisa's collection!!