DIY Love Garland
January 16, 2009
DIY Inspired
We have a lot of fun things happening on SMP today! First, though, I wanted to introduce another new DIY Editor that we've enlisted to help us grow our DIY  project base...Whitney Deal of Darling Dexter! I fell in love with her blog months ago and after seeing all of the ridiculously great projects that she crafted for her own wedding, I had to ask her to become a part of Style Me Pretty!

So, without further ado, here is her first project, based on the Sweet Love concept that she had at her wedding!

darling dexter

So, so cute! Perfect for a quaint, "sweet" wedding, a shower or any other party for that matter! Here are the step-by-step images that coordinate with the instructions below...

darling dexter

Several sheets of cardstock for the front (preferably white)
Several sheets of cardstock for the backing (a contrasting color)
Glue Stick
Decorative Paper Punch (I have a doilie punch from the Martha Stewart Craft Line)
Xacto Knive or Ribbon Paper Punch


1. Decide on what you would like your sign to say and then head to the computer to print out the individual letters. If you are looking for a more interesting font to use but don't want to invest a lot of money on a high-price font, check out sites like which offer mounds of free fonts.

2. Now is the time to decide how big you would like each of your individual letters to be--depending on where you plan to display them and how far away they need to be read. When cutting out your color backing be sure to make it large enough that when you punch your design into the edges, it still peaks around the sides of your letters.

3. Glue the two pieces of cardstock together.

4. Using an xacto knife or a ribbon paper punch (I know the Martha Stewart Craft Line carries one of these handy tools) -- make the slots for your ribbon to pass through

5. Lastly, weave your ribbon through the individual letters and voila!

Whitney is the epitome of that sweet sophistication that we feature so much here on SMP. I know that her aesthetic is going to resonate with so many of our readers so needless to say, I am beyond thrilled that she is joining Kathleen as a DIY editor. Definitely check out Darling Dexter (although you'll need to allot a few hours, because it's that addicting), when you have some time!

PS - If you are interested in joining our DIY team of editors, shoot me an email with a link to some of the projects that you've crafted!

* * *

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