Engagement Photos: More Tips For Newly Engaged Couples
January 15, 2009
By: eddye

If you've already done your engagement shoot, we apologize for dwelling on the subject.

Engagement Shoots Michigan Arising Images

photography by Arising Images (Style Me Pretty~Little Black Book Vendor~Michigan)

Arising Images Engagement Architectural Approach

If you hadn't planned on doing one ... we beg you to reconsider.

Engagement Photo Sessions Arising Images

If you're new to this game, and need some convincing 'inspiration', we have it right here ~~Don't be nervous. Don't even give it a second thought. The day is yours. Bask in the glory of your love for each other.

We asked one of SMP's regular contributing LBB photographers, Karen Wise, for her thoughts on the planning process that precedes an e*shoot and here's what she had to say ...

I actually had to plan an engagement shoot today that I will be doing next week in San Francisco. There are times when I don't get to meet the couple before planning the shoot, as in this case, so I try my best to get to know the couple over the phone before we actually meet up. It's a challenge, but I ask them this: If you could describe yourselves as a couple, how would you? How do you make each other laugh? Can you bring out the laugh in front of the lens, while I'm there? This couple who I will meet next week describe themselves as "silly"most of the time. I thought to myself, "Awesome", that's just what I wanted to hear. Silliness for the pictures helps loosen up the subjects (and the photographer)!

In the photo that they sent to me, they look and seem cute. My goal is to bring the playfulness out in both of them again, in person. We discussed outfits, I suggested colorful, yet not too much pattern, stylish, and a great neckline is most important. I prefer when the men don't wear business attire, but sometimes that is how they see themselves. Although a nice Armani suit is often sexy and quote fashionable in the photos! It can always depend on "how he wears it".

The toughest thing of all is doing it in an original way. I love when couples bring props. Balloons can be fun, or even their newest puppy. Pets, fashionable clothing, matching coats, a great pair of gloves or a hat, something that will appear unique in these shots are essential for fun and colorful e*photos. A lot of the time they just want a nice photo for the New York Times announcement page! I've learned the ropes too: The NY Times criteria is to have cheeks almost together and eyebrows aligned!

Karen Wise Photography Engagement New York

photography by Karen Wise

I think the location can also really dictate whether or not the shots will be beautiful too. I personally prefer an outdoor location (a park, or a historic or rusty urban setting) to an indoor seamless photo paper shoot.

Karen Wise Engagement Session

Engagement photos are quite popular these days, I'd say about 50% of all of my brides and grooms request an Engagement Shoot prior to their wedding. Not only is it a great way for the couple to get familiar with the routine, and for their photographer to get to know them and their different "angles", but the photos can be used for a Save the Date card, the guest book or a slideshow at the wedding. I highly recommend it.

Thanks, once again, to Karen Wise not only for providing SMP with more great examples of her photography skills, but also for giving us more insight into e*shoots from the professional's point of view. Karen has become one of wedding bloggers favorite go-to sources for amazing real-wedding features! Be sure to visit her website and blog for lots more real weddings and engagement shoots.

Thanks, also to Little Black Book members Prem and Cheridy Mukherjee of Arising Images in Detroit, Michigan, for the first engagement images shown in today's feature. LOVE their architectural perspective in the images at the beginning of this post. We hope to feature one of their real weddings in the very near future!

We have one more feature on e*shoots set for next week from another of our tremendous Little Black Book photographers.

And ...if anyone has any topics you'd like to see more of on The Little Black Book Blog, send me an e*mail at eddye@stylemepretty{dot}com.