Ask Abby...Mexican Inspired Wedding Colors
January 14, 2009

Question 4: I've been looking at the inspiration boards and I always find that there is just one color that I just don't like, but it happens to be a color that completes the look.  I'm having loads of trouble finding the perfect color palette to go with my wedding next fall.

We've picked a venue; this beautiful Hacienda in San Antonio, TX. The problem is finding colors to go with the already brilliant colors of the venue.  The floors are that rusty orange stone color, with dark tan walls and antique iron light fixtures that hold candles.  I'm really having a difficult time picking wedding colors to go with the already beautiful scenery !

My bridesmaids are already wanting to buy dresses, my mother is picking out invitations and my fiancee keeps asking "when are we going cake testing?" I don't want to decide on any of the details until I pick colors.  My fiancee's family is Mexican and I really love all the rich colors that come with this type of wedding.  Yet we are trying to go with a more subdued version of such a style of wedding.  I want a fresh beautiful look to our wedding, that will go with this hacienda we've chosen.  I'm looking for a wedding that will have punches of beautiful colors.  It's a very informal buffet-style wedding, with mostly family and friends...but I still want it to be beautiful and somewhat elegant. Any help you can give me (I know I said a lot !) would be AMAZING !

Let's help this bride who seems overwhelmed with colors! I would love to hear YOUR input, then I'll chime in a little later today!

Answer 4: I generally fall in love with the Spanish and Mexican weddings that cross my path. The generous blending of colors, of styles, of pure eye candy is enough to make any bride re-think their wedding colors. So, I totally agree with so many of you in that bringing out the pinks and turquoises would be sublime and would go beautifully with the natural coloring of her venue.

With that said, when I was crafting these color boards, I couldn't decide which direction to go in...


I love the kind of dusty versions of these colors...fuschia with a little less pink, turquoise with a little less blue. I think that these muted tones really make the gold pop. LOVE.

But, then I also love bringing an even lighter turquoise  the darker, dustier version in the bridesmaid dresses...


Either way, I think that these colors are off the charts pretty...they give those punches of color that the bride is looking for, without going totally overboard. Love, love, love!