Ask Abby...Wedding Flowers, Grooms Attire
January 14, 2009

I thought we would take a mini break from all of the real weddings that we have been doing for a much needed Ask Abby day. I have to admit, questions have been piling up in my inbox, as the days keep slipping past! So, I thought who better to ask for a bit of help than our readers! I am going to be posting questions throughout the day, then later this afternoon will add my own responses.

I know that each of our brides would LOVE feedback from you guys, so please don't be shy!

Question 1: My partner & I are getting married on Saturday, the 12th of September 2009. The 'look' we are going for is vintage chic with a modern twist. The era we are mainly channeling is the 40's, as we love the whole feel of the 1940's.

My wedding gown is a Mori Lee dress in a vintage lace & tulle design, in Ivory. My bridesmaids dresses are floor length, silk evening gowns in a deep coral colour with a satin halterneck ribbon ( I hope you can envision them from my rather poor description). The have a very old school glamour feel.

Now this is where my problem starts...I am uncertain as to what flowers to use (I am thinking of picking flowers in very soft colours such as pale peach, soft pink and ivory). However, I still want the flowers to maintain a fresh modern feel?!

I am also unsure as to what I can put my H2B and his groomsmen in. I was contemplating black slim fitting suits but I am unsure whether this will look too dark against the soft colours of the flowers etc. My H2B will not wear an ivory suit and this is not really to either of our tastes...I have also been contemplating gray suits?! I would really appreciate your opinion.

What do you guys think? Flowers? Men's attire with a vintage feel?

Answer 1: I have to say, this bride has it together. I love the combination of gray and coral, paired with a glamorous 1940's vibe. I really didn't have to think too hard to design this board, as I am already convinced that she is well on her way to perfection.

coral 1940's glam

As for flowers, I would up the glamour ante and do tone on tone corals...different shades of coral from a peachy pink to a deep, pink-ish terra cotta. Go for soft, feminine shapes to add a feeling of laid back luxury to the look. To add a touch of modern charm, you could use sleek, lacquered white containers for your centerpieces. Might be a nice contrast to the vintage foundation.

Tip...if you love Peonies and your wedding is in August or September, have your florist source roses that have that same loose, fluffy style. If you are on a budget, go for monochromatic carnations. Sounds like third grade, but I swear, they are gorgeous when presented in one color in a huge bunch.

As for men's attire, gray suits are a must. Pinstripes would be even better. Then, finish the look with a classic 1940's Cadillac and man oh man....STUNNING.

* * *

PS...check out Heather Fowler's (the incredible photographer that we love here on SMP) recent wedding that we are debuting on the Little Black Book Blog. It is all about vintage charm!