Real Wedding: Sarah and Reid, II
January 13, 2009
New England
DIY Inspired

Okay, now on to the fun stuff. I thought that rather than leave you hanging, we could jump right into the DIY details from today's real wedding (which was sent to us by Amanda at Orchard Cove)!  Before I start though, I have to tell you that I love the subtle elegance of this wedding. The DIY touches only add to the beauty of the day with their simple, elegant style that truly embrace the natural surrounding of the affair.

orchard cove photography real wedding

From Sarah, the bride...

We wanted the wedding to have a SUBTLE beach-theme. I have always loved turquoise and blue, so we went with those colors. Reid and I designed our invitations, maps, etc. and worked with the FANTASTIC Providence-based letterpress master, Dan Wood.

After meeting with our tent company, I decided, insanely, to make the napkins for the event, as I wanted just a little color. I was literally seaming these 250 linen napkins into the wee hours of the night just 2 days before the big day. Thank goodness for all my friends who pitched in tying the nautical knots.

My mom and I are real do-it-yourselfers, so all of the centerpieces, decorations, etc. we put together. My mom also makes Nantucket Lightship Baskets, so she made small ones for the flower girls and a dish-shaped basket for our rings. Traditional scrimshaw adorned the baskets with the child's name personalizing them. My sister knitted the pillow for the ring basket. I did not hire a florist, as I knew pretty much what I wanted in terms of flowers.  A friend helped put together the adorable flower girls baskets. It was certainly a family affair!

So much more to come!

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