Real Wedding by Jonathan Canlas, II
January 7, 2009

Today we are featuring the fabulously chic wedding that Jonathan Canlas sent us...with its oh-so-sophisticated bride, its gorgeous black and green color palette and its perfect little details. Here are a few more pics for you to fall in love with...

jonathan canlas

This gorgeous wedding took place this past November in Mesa, Arizona at the LDS Mormon temple with the reception following at the Wright House reception center.

Here are a few quick notes from Jonathan...

The family and guests were trolleyed to and from the reception site to the temple.  The reception at the Wright House began with the family enjoying insane authentic Mexican food. There were several little kids who were flower girls or "mini" groomsmen.  At one point, one of the nephews got up on the stage during the toasts and sang the national anthem impromptu. So cute.

So much more to come!