Found Inspirations
January 5, 2009

I am constantly inspired by other bloggers. Not just wedding bloggers, photography bloggers, food bloggers, the works. And Oh Joy! is one of my first morning pit stops. I actually became hooked when I stumbled upon the pictures from her wedding that we posted today...but have since fallen in love over and over again.

Take Max Wanger for example. Discovered via Oh Joy!, these engagement shots of Joanna Goddard are complete perfection...

max wanger

Or Robert Sukrachand...another Oh Joy! find. His work has just the right balance of elegance and whimsy. Simplicity and personality. Robert's blog and website are absolute eye candy...


Joy's eye for style and design is unmatched and I thank her from the bottom of my heart for continuing to thrill me day in and day out.  And of course, for sharing her big day with us.

Lastly, you guys really have to check out our Little Black Book Blog today. Hollye Schumacher (an incredible photographer out of Phoenix) is sharing tips on looking your best in those scary first photographs...the engagement portraits! It's a must-read for sure.