Beauty Tips by Brideface
December 23, 2008

I am SO excited about today's features...we've enlisted the help of some of our favorite beauty gurus to give us tips on how to look your absolute best on your wedding day. So, there is really no need for me to blab on and on, I'll just pass the torch! The first set of tips is from Nancy from the fabulous Brideface...

* * *

I am the owner of brideface, based in Cincinnati. With over 12 years experience spanning runway, print, film, (and my favorite!); bridal, I have been honored to be part of over 350 weddings. Here are some of my best tips for looking gorgeous on your wedding day...


Top Left by Wagner Photographics, Top Right by Bluebird Photography, Bottom Left by TM Photography, Bottom Right by Wagner Photographics

1. Be as individual with your beauty look as you intend to be with the look of the rest of your wedding. Let your gown and the style of your event be your guide-a formal ball gown dictates a different makeup look than a cotton eyelet sundress. Cull inspiration from fashion magazines and don't be afraid to try something quite different from your normal look; after all you don't normally wear a wedding dress and updo, right?


2. Probably one of your biggest concerns is longevity; will your makeup stay on through tears and humidity?  Be sure to choose good quality, high pigmented products; professional products are designed to be durable for hours under hot lights and they require much less product to get amazing coverage. I also use a makeup sealant, Model in a Bottle that I can't recommend highly enough! You will only need to carry your lip color (try a stain for more holding power) and some blotting papers to touch up; resist the urge to pile powder on throughout the day.

Tips for teary moments: A cotton handkerchief is not only charming, it is kinder to your makeup than a tissue; it won't leave lint in your lashes. Dab, don't rub! (this bears repeating for those of you who don't wear makeup in real life)


3. Try not to think of wedding makeup as "heavier" or "darker" than everyday makeup. There is that fine line in bridal makeup, because you want to look incredible on film but also soft and pretty in real life, not like you stepped off a broadway stage. Photography has a way of flattening out features and I combat this by using extra definition on the eyes-individual false lashes bring out the shape of the eye and give it a lively wide open look. They also do wonders to boost your confidence; I have seen the most jittery brides begin breathing normally again once they have those babies on! I also use subtle contouring and highlighting to bring out the shape of the face-to pop cheekbones, or to slightly slim a face. I personally like to use as little coverage on the skin as possible-if a client has absolutely gorgeous skin, I have been known to just use a hint of tinted moisturizer for a glow. Heavy foundation wears poorly and does not capture the light like a more bare complexion-better to spot conceal problem areas than to mask the whole face.It is also more modern than a matte, flat finish.