Lyndsey Hamilton Events Presents: Ashley & Rob
December 22, 2008
By: eddye
United States

Our featured wedding, today, was sent to us by Lyndsey Hamilton Events and applauds several very talented Little Black Book members! Lyndsey has some super-sensational weddings posted on her blog. Over the holidays, you need to set aside time to take a serious look.  She has offices in California, New England and New York and produces absolutely brilliant weddings!

Take a look at Ashley & Rob's ...

Lyndsey Hamilton Aaron Delesie Bacara Resort

Ashley and Rob's wedding, at the beautiful Bacara Resort and Spa in Santa Barbara, was orchestrated by Lyndsey Hamilton Events. Their wedding represents another gold mine of Style Me Pretty's Little Black Book members:  Aaron Delesie (photography), Mindy Rice (floral design), Riley Towne Productions (videography), and Lyndsey Hamilton Events.

Lyndsey Hamilton Aaron Delesie Riley Towne Mindy Rice

Floral Design by Mindy Rice.

from Mindy ... I just LOVED Ashley and her mother, Cam. Ashley was into "details" and "texture".  Working in Santa Barbara ,and near the coast, she wanted to incorporate local textures and foliage, yet keep it simple with the subtle shifts of white and cream. We made her table cloths in a graphite color that Ashley loved from the beginning! She loved the simple silhouette of the manzanita, yet wanted to add the feminine touch of fresh, garden roses, Hydrangea, Freesia, tulips, succulents, and various steel colored grasses. Platinum vessels in a variety of sizes and shapes held the floral on a variety of square, round and rectangular tables.

Lyndsey Hamilton Aaron Delesie Riley Towne Minday Rice Floral Design

from Lyndsey ...  We loved producing this wedding! Bacara is such a breathtaking venue and everyone there is so amazing to work with.  The bride lives in New York and wanted a "Hamptons-themed wedding in Santa Barbara."   So, having planned many weddings in the Hamptons, we knew exactly what she meant.  As the bride works for Martha Stewart Living Magazine, she had a clear and distinct style for the wedding and it was wonderful incorporating her vision.  The ceremony overlooked the ocean and was breathtaking.  Working with the fabulous Mindy Rice, we flanked two tall block arrangements with branches and hydrangea to serve as the stage for the ceremony, with a blanket of white flower petals.  Guests then enjoyed cocktails outdoors, where we placed tall tables scattered with candles and succulents.  For the decor in the ballroom, we used a combination of white and green flowers, and chose tables with various sizes and shapes.  We selected multiple shades of grey linens to create a distinct aesthetic at each table.  Hydrangea and tulips were the prominent flowers, again incorporating the Hamptons theme.

After the reception, we  converted a portion of the ballroom into a lounge where we brought in furniture, lighting, and a DJ for an after-party, to create an entirely different vibe from the reception, while guests danced and snacked on mini-burgers, fries, and other small plates.

Here are a few more photos of the stunning couple from the oh-so-talented Mr. Delesie ...

Aaron Delesie PHotography: Ashley and Rob

If you're a long-time Style Me Pretty fan, you know we LOVE Aaron's work: Way back in November 2007 ... we featured a Maui wedding with vibrant orchids and a brilliant orange, pink and green color palette.

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There's just one final piece missing from today's post, and that is the video clip from Riley-Towne Productions. I saw a brief snippet of it a few days ago, but due to the holiday rush, we'll have to wait just a bit to bring it to you. Believe me, it's worth the wait!!

A huge thanks to Lyndsey for sending us Ashley & Rob's wedding. Sooooo beautiful. (Here's another Martha-worthy wedding from Lyndsey Hamilton Events.)