Kathleen's DIY Wedding, III
December 15, 2008
DIY Inspired

More from today's GORGEOUS featured wedding...

kathleen's real wedding!

photographs by Traci Griffin

From Kathleen, the lovely, lovely bride...

Since a large part of both of our childhoods was sitting around a dinner table, a family style meal was a given. We managed to save quite a bit of money by doing many of the projects ourselves. I am a graphic designer so I designed all of the printed materials and other details. I found my dress online and was able to buy it at nearly half the price. We choose to take advantage of the beauty and simplicity of the venue and kept the decorations to a minimum. The only flowers at the wedding were actually the bouquets that each of my sisters carried. My mother-in-law sewed the two table runners and the back-drop to our alter. And the music was simply an iPod hooked up to the winery's AV system.

So much more to come!