Real Wedding: Chandra and Micheal, II
December 11, 2008
Australia & South Pacific

Today, we are featuring the absolutely beautiful Tahitian inspired real wedding of Chandra and Micheal. This incredibly lovely couple approached their wedding with a pureness and a simplicity that we should all envy, and yet they executed their ideas with unabashed elegance...

real wedding chandra and micheal

all photos by Tammy Horton and Jenny Stafford of Red Loft Studios

From the bride...

We were married on the white sand beach of Pearl Beach Resort in Moorea at sunset on Sunday, Oct. 7, 2007. About 30-45 minutes or so before the Tahitian ceremony began, the beating of drums, whistling of conch shells and the rhythms of guitars could be heard all across the island, into our rooms. The serenade signaled that a wedding was about to take place. So not only did our family and friends witness the testimony of our love but so did dozens of strangers, equipped with cameras.

I was escorted from my suite to a canoe. The canoe took me along the Pacific Ocean, through the overwater bungalows to the ceremony site, where Micheal stood dapper waiting for me. The ceremony area was completely covered with hundreds of exotic flowers and lush greenery. The ceremony was done in French (the spoken language of Tahiti) and English. All of the beautiful traditions of the Polynesian culture were incorporated into our wedding - we danced - Polynesian-style, we were wrapped in an ornate quilt, which signified oneness, and our wedding rings were blessed with coconut milk (yes, a coconut was cracked open over our hands...wait until you see that amazing picture coming up soon).

Beautiful! Stay tuned for so much more!