Real (Exquisite) Wedding: Katie and Colin
December 10, 2008
By: eddye
New England

This is a tough one ...  Justin and Mary Marantz sent us some extraordinarily beautiful wedding photos a while back and we loved them so much, we just had to ask them to send us more. Now, we have them and it's soooo hard not to show them all!

Stonington Connecticut Marantz Wedding

Katie and Colin were married in September at Stonington, Connecticut. At this point in the story, we would usually quote from the bride. Today, though, we want to share a few words from Justin and Mary, today's featured Little Black Book photographers.

from their blog ... through the course of the day I heard her ask this question of no less than twenty other people surrounding her- the proof and possession of a true giver's heart. And one by one they would each just smile and shake their heads, too overcome by the generosity and thoughtfulness that one single person could possess. She is elegance and grace and goodness defined. A timeless iconic beauty- think Hepburn meets Holmes- mixed with just enough witty banter to make everyone around her just want to be her friend. Because you can just tell that she's the kind of friend who loves with her whole heart and hugs like she means it.  But that's just Katie.  And Katie would not be complete without her Colin. Because while Katie gives to take care of everyone else, Colin is the one who takes care of her. And you only have to see him look at her once to know that he always will.

Wow ...

Here are a few pre-wedding photos of the so-so beautiful Katie.

Sentimental Pre-Wedding Shots Marantz Katie

Join us back in a bit for more of this special wedding.

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