Margaux & Beck Take One
December 1, 2008

Today's posts are from our friends Whitney and Jesse at Our Labor of Love and they are definitely some of the most fun I've seen. Margaux and Beck, the featured couple, were uncomfortable with the terms usually associated with marriage. They felt that even the word "marriage" sounded institutional, so they made their own day...calling it "The Twenty-First Day of the Month", which also happened to be the day they had their first date! This couple really enjoyed their special day, they were so in the moment, just enjoying everything about being with friends and family. The couple, the event, it all just looked like a really wonderful experience.  Check it out!

Margaux and Beck 1

I love the Old Hollywood, very glam feel. The rest of the event is just so fun, you have to come back and see everything that Beck and Margaux did to celebrate their day!