Wedding Shoes ... A Different Perspective
November 24, 2008

It’s no secret that brides obsess about their wedding shoes. This simple fact is splashed across all the blogs. So what more can we say?

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Row One: Orchard Cove Photography; Row Two: Photography by Walters and Walters

Row Three: Michele DeVries (left), Elegant Engagements/Cape Wedding Planner (right)

Row Four: Jennifer Davis Photography - ABC Dragoo Designs (left), Cake Lava Visionari (right)

Row Five: Kristin Vining for Weddings And The City

But then ... we saw the next shots taken by Robin Dini  (row one) and Kristin Karzmit (rows two and three). Pictured is one of SMP's Little Black Book members, Steve DePino ... composing a couple of tricky shoe-shots ... (found 'em on Steve's blog). Wow, we knew that being a photographer took true creativity, but this is a whole new perspective!

Steve DePino's Fabulous Wedding Shoe Shots that's how they do it! Isn't art grand? Seriously, Steve's work is grand.

Here are a few more great shoe-shots.

shoes shoes shoes

Row One: Justin & Mary Marantz (left),  Walters & Walters (right); Row Two: Holland Photo Arts

Row Three: Karen Wise (left),  Walters & Walters (right)

Many thanks to the SMP-Little Black Book photographers and event coordinators who sent us their favorite shoe shots!