Real Wedding: Sara and David
November 24, 2008

I hope that everyone had a great weekend! I am so excited about today's featured real wedding. In a word, it's stunning. No fuzzy adjectives or over-the-top love fests with this one. The photos tell the whole story...

sara perez real wedding

photography by the incredibly talented Mindy Meyers

There is something so beautifully simple about this wedding. The canvas itself...the gorgeous landscape, the great vintage car, the insanely lovely bride...does all the work. The perfect little details are simply icing on the cake. Just as they should be.

A bit about the bride and groom ...

David and his family moved to Iowa from Mexico City when he was 15 and his father got a job in Cedar Rapids. All of his family still lives in Mexico City thus they wanted their wedding to be a celebration and a reunion for family members that haven't been able to get together in the past few years.

Both Sarah and David are writers - graduate students in an MFA in Creative Writing program - so money was a little tight. But, where they lacked in funds, they more than made up for in creativity! We have so much more to come from this beautiful stay tuned!