Real Wedding: Sara and David, II
November 24, 2008

Here are more gorgeous photos, shot by the wonderfully talented Mindy Meyer (whose site is filled to the brim with eye candy)...

sara perez real wedding

From the bride, Sara...

When designing our wedding, I found that I wanted a Mexico in Iowa feel. I was really inspired by loteria cards, as they are quirky and strange and beautiful. Thus, we used them in our invitations, in our programs, and in the decorations. They were a starting off point for our entire wedding style.

We wanted to keep our wedding very personal, very intimate. Our food was all made by David's mother and grandmother from old family recipes. The wedding was held in a museum at the University that we attend that was featuring a contemporary Mexican artist, a celebration of David's heritage. And the reception was held at a Bed and Breakfast called Montebello - which is locally owned and filled with really great Mexican design and art.Paired with the gorgeous Iowa cornfields, it suited us to perfection.