Wedding Details by Melangerie
November 21, 2008

Today's featured Amy Atlas table had THE cutest silhouette boxes (and signage and candy bar wrappers) to add to the charm of her already perfect design and I just had to know who was behind these little gems. Turns out, it's Melangerie...a NY based design company that specializes in bespoke gifts, chic memorabilia and event details for all types of occasions. Weddings included!


When one of their clients wanted to surprise her friend with a flower arranging class, Melangerie crafted this handmade paper flower bouquet that announced the lessons on an attached note. So cute!


This is probably my favorite of all of Melangerie's featured's a custom Spice Book designed for a woman's 90th birthday party. The book is filled with her friend's and family's recipes along with a spice box containing the appropriate seasonings with which to make them. LOVE.


This time inspired wedding invitation was crafted for a couple who met through a series of "fortuitous events." Along with the invitation, the couple gave their guests a mixed CD of their favorite songs, all related to time.

I am so glad that Amy shared this incredible source with us! Melangerie is THE place to find inspiration for really cool, wonderfully personal wedding favors and gifts. Their capabilities are so far reaching...custom event identities, invitations, correspondence, favors, packaging and welcome gifts. The best part though is that each design is crafted with TLC and reflects the client's personality to perfection.

Thank you so much to Amy and to Melangerie!