Real Wedding by Lisa Vorce, III
November 20, 2008
United States

Lisa Vorce of Oh How Charming! just might be my wedding muse. Every wedding that she sends me, whether it's perfect in its feminine charm or stunning in its modern sensibility, is a reflection of who she is as a designer. Sophisticated, warm and utterly chic...

real wedding

photographs by Lisa Franchot

From Lisa...

Courtney originally called me from New York. During our first conversation, I fell in love with her amazingly sweet nature. When she called back the next day to book me - I was delighted! I immediately started dreaming up some design thoughts about her wedding. When I finally met Courtney and her awesome fiance Andrew, in person -- I was able to immediately refine the concepts that were in my head. Their wedding is a true reflection of who they are...genuinely kind, laid back, and simply elegant.

Since their wedding took place in the gorgeous Emerald Bay of Laguna Beach -- we wanted to create something that was refined and elegant, but at the same time, was able to capture the informal spirit of a beach town. Starting with their Save the Date - Courtney and Andrew chose colors that were reminiscent of the beautiful sea glass treasures we used to find as kids along the beaches of So Cal. We took that color scheme and ran with it.