Wedding Favors Contest by Beau-Coup
November 17, 2008

For those of you that make the wedding blog rounds each day, you already know that Beau Coup is holding a fun contest for us bloggers. To play, each blogger has to choose a wedding favor from the Beau-Coup site and incorporate it into a greater wedding scheme. The winner will receive a $250 gift card to Beau-Coup... which of course, if I win, I will pass right along to one of you! Make sure to read all the way down to hear how you can win!

So, I have chosen the always yummy, Gourmet Chocolate Mints as my inspiration for this Sweet Winter Wedding board...


Clockwise from top left: Mints by Beau Coup, Dress by Saks, Nest by Mimosa Style, Chocolate Cakes by Martha Stewart, Flowers by Domino Magazine

I have a deep love affair with Winter Inspired Weddings...there is just something so dreamy, so romantic about the white snow, the beautiful gowns paired with cozy cashmere wraps, the hot cocoa served to guests, the incredibly warm, elegant styles.

For this particular wedding, I thought that it would be gorgeous to find inspiration in the crisp white mints, pairing them with a deep velvety chocolate, a feminine gray/blue and just a hint of pale rose in the florals. Perfect for a wedding in a rustic barn, with candles tucked in hurricane vases of all sizes in every corner. I totally see the bride in a gorgeous lace inspired gown accented with a pretty, soft capulet and a lush flower tucked into a low bun. Gorgeous. Wish this was my wedding I was dreaming about!

* * *

So, You might be wondering why I chose such a simple, rather traditional wedding favor as a starting off point. Well, it's because I have officially fallen in love with the packaging options at Beau Coup and these cute mints would look so great displayed in huge candy bins among other white inspired candies, with these great take away bags nearby...


Just drape the table with something really organic, like deconstructed burlap sacks (or burlap fabric) to pair with the pristine white candies. You will have that perfect combination of elegance and rustic chic. Thus is the theme for my Beau-Coup, Winter Inspired Wedding!

Now, it's your turn...pick a favor from the Beau Coup website and dream up your own wedding. All you have to do is leave a comment (no pics necessary) with your ideas and we'll pass along two gift certificates, one for $50 and one for $75, from Beau-Coup to two lucky readers. Then, if we win the grand prize, we'll offer our $250 prize to a third winner!

The deadline for your comment is this coming Thursday, the don't delay!