Real Wedding: Audrey and Brandon
November 17, 2008

A lot of people ask me why I named my little girl Audrey...well, aside from my love affair with the obvious (Audrey Hepburn, of course), one of the reasons is Audrey Wray. I met Audrey in the 9th grade when we made the same cheerleading squad. Hey, I'm from Texas...I couldn't help myself. I was always a little jealous of Audrey. Aside from being crazy beautiful, she was also such a free spirit. She sang at the top of her lungs for no good reason, she laughed with abandon...she seemed to simply glow.

So, when out of nowhere, Audrey Wray contacted me...AND sent me pictures from her recent wedding, I literally swooned.


Okay, we really must talk about that dress. That ridiculously gorgeous Oscar de la Renta dress. Have you ever seen anything quite as beautiful? Audrey is a complete fashionista (just check out her blog, Chic Girl Style, for more proof), so it's no wonder she chose something so completely delicious to wear on her big day!

From the bride, Audrey...

My dress was Oscar de la Renta purchased from Saks Fifth Avenue. It has a light blue underlay, which took care of my "something blue," and the lace detail is actually created from ribbons. My bridesmaids dresses (picture to come later today) was BCBG also found at Saks. My shoes were Christian Louboutin and I actually found them on I decided to keep my jewelry minimal since there was so much going on with the dress and the earrings I wore were actually CZ studs I found at Ann Taylor. I also had a six pence in my shoe and my Grandmother's locket wrapped around my bouquet, an idea I got from Martha Stewart Wedding magazine.

Originally Brandon and I planned to have our wedding in Houston, but the vast amount of vendors to choose from overwhelmed me! Then we thought to have it in Ruston, Brandon's small hometown in Louisiana, where everyone knows everyone. The planning would have been easier but we basically had to invite the whole city and that would just be too big! Brandon mentioned Vegas and with visions of dancing Elvises I said "we can't get married in Vegas!" But then I thought about the Wynn Hotel. Brandon and I had stayed there when it first opened and it remained one of our favorite hotels. So we contacted AnnMarie Moccio, a wedding coordinator at the Wynn, and from speaking with her we learned that the they handle everything...the flowers, the food, the photography , everything! Perfect!

So much more to come!

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