Favors and Decor by Estillo Weddings
November 14, 2008

To favor or not to favor...that is always the question! I know that many brides struggle with finding just the right favor to give their guests. Something that reflects your personalities, that is not at all cheesy, that guests will actually keep and appreciate. Well, one of my favorite Little Black Book members, Estilo Weddings has so many beyond perfect options, it's hard NOT to find the right favor...

estilo weddings

I mean, seriously. How great are those pencils? Perfect for a rustic, chic affair. Love the mini lanterns, which can serve as both decor and a great takeaway for your guests. Love the flowers in a bag (particularly the lavender). Love it all really. And, if packaging is everything...they have you covered!

Okay, so I know that today is all about favors, but after spending WAY too long on the Estilo Weddings site yesterday, I really just had to share a few more of my favorite non-favor picks, as well...

estilo weddings

This shop has it all...from ring pillows to cupcake wrappers. From pashmina's to gorgeous candle holders. And the best part? Their product line is really edited so that they only feature the really good stuff. Happy shopping!