Wedding Invitations by Chewing the Cud, II
November 13, 2008

LOVING today's designs by Chewing the Cud. Here are a few more to get you happy and inspired...

chewing the cud

From Viola...This invitation suite is based on the concept of recipes. Beloved family recipes, passed on from generation to generation is a metaphor for sharing and enjoying. Recipes conjure images of sharing good food, good company, good conversation, good times ... much like a wedding yes?

chewing the cud

photos by Anna Kuperberg

From Viola...You probably recognize these from my own wedding based on To Kill a Mockingbird (also seen here, here and here!). We named each table after characters in the book. The runner was a gift I made for Phillip. It had bird illustrations and poems we read to each other during the ceremony.

We had an asian dessert bar, featuring our favourite childhood sweets. The jar above was one of Phillip's...walnut candy. This is a  good example of how you could pull together an event, using a cohesive visual vocabulary, without everything being "matchy-matchy."

More to come!!!