Kristina and Andrei's Chic Soiree, II
November 11, 2008

Not that chic is the only word to describe this wedding sent to us by Suzi Q. Varin of Q Weddings, but it is the one that resonates with me the most. Take a peek at this second set of Kristina and Andrei's gorgeous wedding. Actually, Kristina's mother, Martha, lived in this neighborhood, and always wished to lived in this particular house. Years later her wish came true and she not only lived there, but her daughter was married there as well, how sweet is that?

Kristina and Andrei's Chic Real Wedding

Andrei, who is a native of Romania, incorporated his heritage into the cermony by having both the bride and groom's parents wrap their hands together in lace and help them drink from the same cup. What a beautiful way to bring another set of traditions into their ceremony!