DIY Project - Wedding Programs
October 31, 2008
DIY Inspired
One more DIY Wedding Program for you to fall in love with...

DIY Programs


Two types of fabric (both of which we incorporated into a variety of other DIY projects)
Satin ribbon
Cardstock Paper
24-lb Paper
Pinking Shears
Hot Glue Gun
Paper Cutter
Sewing Machine


1. We only had a limited amount of fabric, so the first decision we made was the size of the programs. They ended up measuring 5.5 x 7". In order to incorporate two design themes we were working with, we used two types of fabric - one on top of the other on the programs. The fabrics were used on the front cover of the programs only, so we cut pieces of fabric that matched the dimensions exactly (although the "top" variety of fabric was slightly smaller and had a decorative edge).

2. Next, we wrote the content of the program and formatted it using Microsoft Word. The document size matched the program dimensions, but we made sure to leave extra space on the left margin of each page for the seam of the program. We printed the pages using my home printer, front-side only. Because the paper was too big, we cut the pages down to size (5.5 x 7") using a paper cutter. The back cover of the program was printed on cardstock, to give it some heft. (We didn't use cardstock under the fabric in the front because it made the program too difficult to flip through!)

3. We then collated all the individual pages together, with the fabric pieces for the front cover and the cardstock sheet for the back. To hold them together, we machine-sewed a seam down the left margin. (Note - this was a thick booklet, so it took some tinkering to get the right needle and machine settings!)

4. Finally, we tied a bunch of bows using 3/4" satin ribbon and hot-glued one to the corner of each program.

5. Voila! All done!