DIY Project - Centerpieces
October 31, 2008

I am always a little shocked when I hear that brides are crafting their own flowers...centerpieces, bouquets, the works. It just seems like such an incredible task to undertake and yet the impact on your budget is pretty undeniable. But even more exciting to me, is when brides design a floral suite that is both beautiful and amazingly professional...just like this bride did for her recent wedding!

DIY - Thuy

From the bride...

The flowers were my proudest achievement during the wedding. The flowers were the most important part of the wedding for me. I went to several florists but none of them could achieve my vision within my budget so I decided to make the arrangements myself. I was obviously uncertain about the whole idea but the minute I started putting the sample together, it came very natural. Two months prior to the wedding, I applied for an internship at a floral design studio in Santa Monica. I purchased the vases online, the flowers were all purchased at the Los Angeles flowermart for wholesale prices ( the owner of the studio purchased them for me with her resale license). I saved thousands of dollars doing the work myself, I loved the experience so much that I decided to pursue a career in floral designs.