DIY Project - Starfish Boutonnieres
October 30, 2008
Beach Weddings

These starfish boutonnieres are perfect for a beachside wedding. I get so many emails from readers looking for an alternative to flower boutonnieres. Voila!



one inch bar pins

small starfish

strong glue


These starfish boutonnieres were created with small starfish and one inch bar pins that were glued together.  I used small starfish that my fiancés mom found at a yard sale. 

1. I applied glue to both ends of the bar pins and applied glue to the back of the starfish where the bar pins were attached. 

2. Then attach the bar pins to the starfish and lightly pressed them together.  Let them dry completely with the bar pin side up.   

{Use cement glue that I found at a hardware store, though any strong glue would work and the one inch bar pins were found at Michaels.  The small starfish can be found online too. Oh, and I found the inspiration for these right here! Gotta give credit where credit is due!}