DIY Project - Custom Block Prints
October 30, 2008

This DIY project is strictly for those of you who have a steady hand and some serious patience. BUT, if you can pull it off, I think that it's such a great gift for your guests...a custom block print inspired by your own unique personalities.

DIY Wood Crafts

From the bride...

My amazingly artistic fiance, Josh Lowe did three block prints for our upcoming wedding on November 1, 2008. A landscape of where we are getting married for the save-the-date, a nest for the invitation and a graphic carving of the word Love on notebooks for our favors. We wanted our paper goods to feel like little pieces of art that we hope will end up in frames. They are all different and unique and really set the tone for our rustically elegant diy wedding.


1. First draw what you want to carve

2. Then transfer the drawing onto the wood (pear wood works well)

3. Use small woodcarving tools to carve out your design

4. Next roll out the paint on the woodblock with a brayer

5. Place the paper on the block print and use a spoon to press down all over the design, you want to use firm but even pressure.

6. Finally, peel the paper off carefully

7. Let the print dry