DIY Project - Message Marbles
October 29, 2008

I never would have thought to make these but once I saw them, I knew I had to share. Sprinkled on guests tables and around the reception, these customized "message marbles"  are perfect little take aways for guests.



Flat clear marbles about 1 inch round (I found some at Target)


Computer with Word or InDesign (I found InDesign worked well)

Different colored paper (if desired)

1 inch hole puncher

Decoupage glue

Poly Brush

Step 1: Format and design what you want the marbles to say or look like.  Make rows of circular templates with images or words.  My flat marbles were about 1 inch round so I made the templates a little smaller.  I chose to use different wedding related words with a nice border, but you could use your imagination for the designs. 

Step 2: Print the template on your printer at home.  I used different color paper and ink in my wedding colors.  If you are using an ink jet printer, make sure to let the ink dry for a couple of hours. 

Step 3: Use a large hole puncher to punch out each design.

Step 4: Using decoupage glue and a poly-brush (regular brushes tended to have hairs come off onto the paper) brush the printed side of the cut out designs.

Step 5: Gently but firmly press the flat side of the marble onto the glue side of the paper.  The image will show through the glass. 

Step 6: Let dry.

Step 7: Brush decoupage glue on the back of the marble (the paper side that is exposed) to seal the marbles and protect the paper. 

Step 8: Let dry.

Step 9: Repeat step 7, for a final coat.