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DIY Project - Paper Bouquets
October 29, 2008

We are continuing on with our DIY week! I am loving it so far and I am pretty sure you guys are too. So, let's get right to it. This first project was inspired by Martha's paper bouquets, with the reader's own twist of course!



tissue paper cut in 1''x3'' rectangles

floral wire and tape

ink or watercolors (optional)


1. The first step optional step is to dye your tissue paper to the color of your choice. Just dip several rectangles of white tissue paper in a thin watercolor bath, and dry on paper towels. For deeper colors, you use ink instead of watercolor. Only separate the layers when dry. You can also use colored tissue paper, but this lets you have subtle shade variations, and exactly the palette you want.

2. Twist both sides of the tissue rectangle around a small ball to form a petal (I've used a ball of tissue paper scraps wrapped in floral tape). The tissue should be big enough to cover the ball halfway through. You can use smaller balls with larger rectangles, and vice-versa, to vary the flower sizes.

3. Make five of these, and glue them together with a dab of acrylic medium to form a flower (Elmer's glue would probably work fine too).

4. Attach a floral wire with floral tape to your flower, then cut the twisted ends near the end of the petal.

Repeat to form a bouquet or boutonnière (~15-20 flowers for a smallish bouquet, 1-3 for a boutonnière) With experience, a single flower takes about 10 minutes to make, from start to finish.