DIY Project - Custom Matchbooks
October 28, 2008

This DIY project is one crafted by the same reader who did yesterdays Hot Cocoa and Marshmallow bags...and I have to say, they are just as cute! Custom Matchbook Covers are just another detail that your guests will totally eat up!




Matchbooks, 1 for every guest

Sticker Paper

Xyron Sticker Machine

X-acto knife



1. To save money we purchased matchbooks from the grocery store. Just break the glue seal and unfold matchbook.

2. Print design onto sticker paper or using a Xyron Sticker machine ( make any paper into a sticker. Trim each sticker out using an x-acto knife and ruler to size.

3.Adhere sticker to unfolded matchbook, being careful to get close to but not cover up the striker strip.

5. Using double-sided tape, fold box back up and seal shut. Put matches back in the box.