DIY Project - Custom Covered Jewelry Boxes
October 28, 2008

This is a really great DIY project that you could incorporate solely for the people you love...custom covered jewelry boxes. PERFECT gift for bridesmaids!


And here is the step-by-step!



Needle and Thread

Fabric Stuffing/cotton balls


Pen/pencil for marking



Ribbon / Pin / Jewel / Embellishments for the box

Glue brush (optional, but makes things easier)


I used bookmaking glue because it dries very quickly. However Mod Podge (available at most craft stores) works just as well. Any glue that dries clear and doesn't cause the paper to wrinkle, or add too much bulk will work.

In making the box shown, I used paper that I found in the recycling. A good way to personalize your own box is to use paper that has a story. For example, instead of a thank you card, one could use the wrapping from a bridal shower gift to cover their box. The options are endless! (however, beware of using tissue paper, as it can be too thin.)

Step 1: Cut Paper

Trace and cut out 4 pieces of paper- one for the base, one for the outside of the lid, one for the inside of the lid, and one for the sides of the box. The outside lid piece will need an inch in of slack around the actual size of the lid, and the base will need .5 inch extra (as shown). Double the width of the paper for the outside of the box, as it will also cover the inside of the box. (see step 5)

Step 2:

Glue lid and base to the middle of each paper cut out. (don't forget, the lid gets the bigger heart cut out!) Take care to use as little glue as possible on inside of lid- it still needs to fit on the box.

Step 3:

Cut several slits in the surrounding paper edges. As you fold and glue the paper around the edges and corners of the box, this will compensate for the curves (of course, no cutting is needed if you're using a square or rectangle shaped box.)

Step 4:

Glue the last paper strip to outside of the box, cutting the excess in the same manner as in step 4. Fold and glue the strips to the inside of the box. This excess paper should cover much of the box on the inside. Set pieces aside to dry.

Step 5:

Trace the box shape onto the fabric, leaving about .5 inch excess on all sides.

Step 6:

Turning Fabric inside out, sew the two pieces together in a simple stitch, leaving a small opening unsewn.

Step 7: Turn fabric pillow inside out, and stuff with cotton balls / fabric stuffing (or even toilet paper!)

Step 8: Pillow should fit nicely inside box.

Step 9: Turning lid face down, glue ribbon to inside of the the lid. (as before, take care to use as little glue as possible- the lid will need to fit on the box)

Step 10: Wrap Ribbon around lid and back to the inside, gluing securely. 

Step 11: Glue last lid template inside lid to hide ribbon ends.

Step 12: Glue desired embellishments desired to box.

You can use any shape of box you please! The box can be used for many things: gifts, favors, carrying the rings, flower petals.. you name it!