DIY Week - Love Story Books
October 27, 2008

I completely heart our next DIY project, sent to us by a reader who managed to bring a touch of unabashed romance into her affair with these beautiful love story books...

DIY Project Love Story Book

From the bride...

I made two of these books for each of the tables at our reception- one containing his version of our love story, and the second with my version. It was a great way for our guests to get to know the bride and groom, especially considering many had never met our betrothed before! They are VERY simple and only require access to a printer, paper, a bone folder, double stick tape, a ruler, and an exacto.

1. Design each page as it will appear in the open book, left side and right side. For my books, I laid out 3 spreads on one sheet of 11x17 paper. It saves paper and cuts on printing costs. I used Staples Coverstock paper: . Also design the cover, back and front, as one long piece remembering to make it at least .5 in larger on all sides.

2. After printing, carefully cut out each page using the ruler and exacto.

3. With the bone folder, score vertically down the middle of each layout, and fold face in.

4. Then using the double stick tape, attach the folded pages together (don't forget to put them in order first!) to create your little book!

5. Score the spine of the cover vertically before folding and wrapping it around your book, and securing with double stick tape.